About us

Mohajer International Communications Ltd (t/a MICL) has ten years of experience in education and student visas since its foundation in 2009. We currently have many students studying in The United Kingdom and other EU countries. Our company has gained a great wealth of experience through working in a variety of countries. We currently hold representation status for a variety of universities and colleges in United Kingdom and other EU countries. We provide a variety of services to students drawn primarily from Middle East. Students enrolling with us can expect to receive up to date information regarding life, work, study, and tourism in the above mentioned country. Additionally our company applies for university admissions, student visas, IELTS and TOEFL training and examinations, and arranges tours of educational institutions for visiting staff and students. We rigorously assess and prepare our clients to ensure that they are successful in their studies overseas. We understand that the ultimate success of our company is based upon the satisfaction and trust of both the students and educational institutions that we represent. This trust is protected by our team of advisers whose passion, dedication, and long-term experience in overseas education provides security for those overseas students who entrust their futures to us. Our company publishes brochures and magazines which are readily available to our clients and we run weekly seminars on living and studying in foreign countries. Moreover, our company participates in regular education exhibitions to ensure that those cities which remain unrepresented by our offices receive face to face consultations and advice.